A New Role for Jamie Hart

A New Role for Jamie Hart

Jamie Hart has officially taken on the role of Head of Gambling at Conquer Technology, marking a significant step in his illustrious career. Hart, who has previously served as an executive director at Tabcorp and Director of Innovation at William Hill, is expected to bring a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to his new position.

Hart’s journey to Conquer Technology began after an introduction to the company's Chief Commercial Officer, David Carter, during an innovation competition at William Hill. This serendipitous meeting ultimately led to Hart's new position where he intends to make a significant impact on the gambling industry.

Focus on Small-Scale Innovation

Conquer Technology is a full-service development studio that emphasizes small-scale technical innovation. The company assists firms in navigating the labyrinth of gambling regulations, Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, and the development of new betting products and types of bets. The ultimate aim is to provide operators with the freedom to experiment and innovate without shouldering heavy financial and operational burdens.

Hart is keenly aware of the industry challenges, noting that operators often struggle to experiment and test new concepts due to the complexities and costs associated with handling everything in-house. By outsourcing efforts to Conquer Technology, operators can potentially save both time and money. According to Hart, managing projects within gambling companies has become increasingly complex over the years, involving more personnel and bureaucratic red tape than ever before. Conquer Technology's mission is to streamline these processes and simplify the operational landscape for operators.

Challenges and Opportunities

Hart doesn't shy away from acknowledging the industry's hurdles. He points out the increasing difficulty for operators to experiment and bring new ideas to the table, a challenge exacerbated by bureaucratic delays and escalated costs when efforts are kept in-house. Outsourcing to Conquer Technology, however, offers a promising solution. The company is poised to tackle the intricacies of managing projects in the gambling sector—an industry where more people are involved in projects today than two decades ago.

By providing a unique outsourcing model, Conquer Technology aims to help operators overcome these obstacles and unlock new avenues for innovation. This approach is especially crucial as the industry faces evolving regulatory landscapes that demand agility and adaptive strategies.

A Vision for the Future

In his new role, Hart is focused on addressing more than just the challenges of the Tote's product, which he acknowledges has been difficult to innovate. His broader scope at Conquer Technology allows him to implement his vision for the industry's future. The launch of Conquer Technology’s gambling division is a significant milestone not only for the company but also for the wider industry, signaling a concerted effort to empower operators and push the boundaries of gambling innovation.

Hart's ambitions are clear: he wants to drive substantial change in the gambling world. He envisions a future where regulatory landscapes are navigated with ease and operational burdens are minimized, allowing operators to focus on creativity and innovation. As Hart and his team at Conquer Technology embark on this journey, the industry will be watching closely, eager to see how their plans unfold and shape the future of gambling.

Quotations from Jamie Hart

"Integration is typically the biggest issue for betting companies, and that will be our number one target," Hart emphasized. The challenge of integration is something Conquer Technology aims to address head-on, offering a streamlined solution that could be both quicker and cheaper than in-house alternatives.

"There certainly seem to be a lot more people involved in projects now than there were 20 years ago. I'm hoping we can provide a unique outsourcing model," Hart added, highlighting the increasing complexity of project management in the modern gambling industry.

Reflecting on his past challenges, Hart noted, "There’s a lot more I want to do and change in gambling, and the Tote’s product was difficult to innovate." This statement underscores his commitment to driving innovation and making meaningful changes in the industry.

With these insights and a clear vision, Jamie Hart is poised to make a significant impact at Conquer Technology, offering new opportunities for innovation and growth within the gambling sector.