Insights and Data - Euro 2024 Bettors' Wagering Intentions

Insights and Data

CRM marketing solution provider Optimove has unveiled its latest insights on bettors' wagering intentions for Euro 2024. The report, compiled by Optimove Insights, provides a detailed examination of the wagering and communication preferences of the average European customer.

Betting Behavior and Preferences

The findings reveal that more than half of bettors (58%) exhibit active betting behavior, placing bets on one or more games weekly. Notably, 29% of bettors bet on several games per week. A substantial 76% of respondents bet at least once a month.

Among the types of bets, over/under bets are the most favored, attracting 46% of bettors. Prop bets follow closely at 39%, while parlays round out the top three at 35%. Additionally, 57% of bets are placed on Champions League and European tournaments, 54% on national league season games, 48% on national tournaments or friendlies, and 46% on national cup games.

Euro 2024 Betting Trends

The anticipation for Euro 2024 is palpable, with 84% of bettors planning to place bets on the tournament, even if their national team is not participating. Live betting during games has also gained popularity, with 83% of bettors engaging in this form of wagering.

The key factor influencing a bet is player performance, cited by 52% of respondents. Expert analysis and betting promotions are equally influential, each impacting 47% of bettors. This highlights the critical role that informed insights and attractive offerings play in shaping betting behavior.

Marketing Challenges

Despite the promising trends, marketing challenges persist. Many respondents reported abandoning specific platforms due to an overwhelming number of marketing messages or irrelevant content. This serves as a caution for sportsbooks and betting operators to align their communication strategies thoughtfully to avoid alienating their customer base.

Industry Implications

The insights from this report offer a clear guide for sportsbook operators aiming to deepen player loyalty and optimize customer lifetime value. "The results of this report provide a clear guide for sportsbook operators to deepen player loyalty and optimize customer lifetime value," states the report. Effective communication strategies, built on this data, can ensure more meaningful interactions with bettors.

Euro 2024 is set to be an incredible opportunity for operators to build even deeper relationships with both current and new players. By leveraging expert analysis, offering tailored promotions, and respecting the communication preferences of bettors, sportsbooks can navigate the competitive landscape more effectively and enhance their service offerings.

In summary, the data from Optimove Insights not only sheds light on current betting behaviors and preferences but also offers actionable insights for sportsbook operators. As Euro 2024 approaches, the betting industry stands at a pivotal juncture, where strategic, data-driven decisions could significantly influence their success and player satisfaction.